Web Hosting

Greenwand Internet offer a wide range of web hosting and email solutions. All solutions are based on non-proprietory Open Source products. This dramatically reduces costs to yourself and prevents you from being tied into one vendor. Open Source solutions also have the advantage of being inherently more secure than their proprietory counterparts. This is due to the "open" nature of the code, which allows a wider community of programmers and system administrators to review and find faults in the code.

Shared Hosting

Need a simple yet professional website? Need an easy to use email service that uses your domain name? If that's the case then our shared hosting solution is right for you. From as little as £10 a month your Website and Email can be hosted on one of our shared hosting environments. Included in the shared hosting package are

  • Web Statistics so that you can track how many hits your site receives and where from.
  • Webmail so that you can access your email from any internet connection securely.

More advanced options available include

  • Database driven CMS or E-Commerce solutions.
  • Online Payment options.
  • Bespoke database solutions.
Dedicated Servers

If you would prefer to have the piece of mind of your own, unshared, platform, we can offer either managed or unmanaged dedicated servers. All of our servers are intel based P4 or Xeon processors. A range of options is available but should you require something more specific then let us know and we would be pleased to quote you for it.

Features of our Unmanaged Dedicated servers:

  • Your choice of Operating System.
  • Wide range of server specifications available.
  • Dedicated bandwith options.
  • Remote power control and serial console provided as standard.

Features of our Managed Dedicated Servers:

  • Choice of FreeBSD, Gentoo or Debian.
  • Wide range of server specifications available.
  • Dedicated bandwith options.
  • Core OS and Application upgrade and patch management*.
  • 24x7 Monitoring of your equipment and services.
  • Remote power control and serial console provided as standard.

* Core applications include standard Internet Service packages such as Apache, MySQL, Exim. Custom applications are not supported.

Server Collocation

If you have your own equipment and would like a range of collocation options, we have a number of options to suit your needs. Collocation is available per U and comes with the following features:

  • Dedicated bandwith options
  • Remote power control and serial console provided as standard
E-commerce Solutions

We are proud to offer E-Commerce solutions based on the world renowned OSCommerce open source E-Commerce software. OSCommerce has the expandability and user friendliness to allow you to manage your internet shop effectively. With tens of thousands of online shops around the globe using OSCommerce as their chosen E-Commerce suite, OSCommerce is the solution for your online store. OSCommerce comes with a number of payment options which allow you to choose from Paypal to a full blown Credit Card payment system (requires Secure Hosting and relevent merchant account with your bank). Greenwand Internet offer a range of hosting packages including OSCommerce. We will install, configure and assist with the initial setup of your shop. OSCommerce is very user friendly but should you need assistance we are here to help guide you through running the software. To find out more about OSCommerce then please visit their website:http://www.oscommerce.com/